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Brian Riozzi with Kingsway Decorators is another one of Better Lives’ long standing TASK members. TASK is the TrAder Approved Scheme for Knowsley, and Brian joined back in 2009 as a way to connect with the wider community and encourage people to utilise the skills within local Knowsley trades.

After being a member of TASK for 13 years, Brian now sees the majority of his business coming through TASK and tells us it’s been 100% beneficial to him and his business. Having tried other ‘approved trader’ initiatives online in the past, Brian believes that a local initiative is a much better way of ensuring absolute confidence and peace of mind for local people.

One of the ways Brian ensures his customers feel comfortable is by leaving them with a written quote and encouraging them to get back in touch if they would like to go ahead with their job. Brian doesn’t follow up on quotes, instead leaving the control and autonomy with his customer so they can make their own choice about who they work with.

Brian appreciates the positive feedback he receives from customers when he turns up to do a job – Brian’s customers tell us regularly that he always turns up on time and is fully equipped to do the job. He always gives his full attention to each job and doesn’t have more than one job running at a time, ensuring each customer is a priority for the duration of the job. Brian will even offer to make the cuppa’s and is happy to have a friendly chat with customers who he finds are sometimes lonely and isolated.

Brian is always happy to recommend other TASK traders, and importantly, always encourages customers, friends and family to use TASK as their first port of call when looking for a trader. He greatly values his membership with TASK and would always recommend small local businesses to join.

Better Lives are proud to support local traders like Brian, by offering an affordable annual membership for the TASK service. Traders who join us need to provide a DBS following an approval process, and are then provided with a TASK ID badge, and the details of their business and services are kept on the TASK database to be shared with customers who contact TASK looking for a trusted, reliable trader.

If you would like to find out more about TASK or to register your business, or if you are looking for a trader to complete work in your home, get in touch with Better Lives and the TASK team today.

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