A trader scheme is so valuable to local residents


Local trader Lee McDonough has been a TASK member with his business Guttersnipes since 2008, having heard about the scheme from a client.

Having helped his own grandparents, Lee fully appreciates how much this trader scheme is valuable to local residents and he likes to give 100%. He takes pride in doing every job as if he was carrying it out on his own home. He’s even done other sorts of small jobs for people who have fallen victim to unreliable traders. Lee built a small step for a lady when the job was left unfinished by another builder.

Lee also remembers a number of years ago, a TASK job came through for an older gentleman who had been ripped off by a rogue trader. The trader had quoted £1000 for drainpipe and guttering work and the gentleman was driven to the bank by the trader to collect the cash. When the trader never returned, Lee was called in and carried out the work for £120. Lee advised the gentleman to ring the police if he found himself in this situation again, to which the gentleman asked if he could he just ring Lee instead!

Lee always gives the client a handwritten estimate and a business card. He’s happy to discuss this with the client or their family and explain everything they need to know about the job and the cost.

Lee appreciates that TASK clients are often lonely and is quite happy to sit and have a cup of tea and a chat with them. Recently, Lee told a 96 year old client he was going fishing in Wales. She told him she loved fresh trout, so when he caught one, he brought it back for her and she gave him a few cuttings for his garden as a thank you. Lee tells us he goes above and beyond to support older people when they need it because ‘it’s nice to be nice’.

Better Lives are proud to support local traders like Lee, by offering an affordable annual membership for the TASK service. Traders who join us need to provide a DBS following an application and approval process. They are then provided with a TASK ID badge, and the details of their business and services are kept on the TASK database to be shared with customers who contact TASK looking for a trusted, reliable trader.

If you would like to find out more about TASK or to register your business, or if you are looking for a trader to complete work in your home, get in touch with Better Lives and the TASK team today.

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